Park 96’s 18-hole Disc Golf Course is for the exclusive use of Park 96 Members and their guests as part of the recreational facilities available at the Park.

A Disc Golf Primer for the Bewildered Parklander

By: Kelly Morstad

Parkland disc golfers are aware they are extremely fortunate people.  Just blocks from our homes, is a first class track that is free to play during the waking hours of any month of the year.  The cost to equip is less than a single round of conventional golf.  A round takes less than two hours. Players are frequently the only group on the course and free to enjoy this community jewel often without ever hearing the sound of another voice.  In the bustle of our busy city the Park96 disc golf course is truly a sanctuary.

Q: Okay, I get it. I want an activity I can do with my family and friends that doesn’t require a credit card and extensive planning.  I would like not to drive anywhere after fighting traffic all day.  How do I get started?

A: Navigating the Park96 course has long been a mystery.  The signage is older than Betty White. With the course changes of the past five years there is very little connection to the actual course layout.

Q: So is that being fixed?

A: Yes.  Randy Burch has joined the Park Maintenance staff and has demonstrated a stellar commitment to getting the course back to playing standards.  New signage is in the plans.  Fairways are being cut to guide players.  Many new tee boxes were constructed last summer and more will be built this season.

Q:  Okay I will take you at your word.  How do I get discs and a bag?

A: This is also somewhat of a mystery.  Disc golf is flourishing in the city with Baker Park (Bowness), Lynnwood Refinery, and Cliff Bungalows communities opening courses in the past two years. Midnapore will follow this summer.  The retail world is catching on to this opportunity but lagging the demand.

Q: Enough pontification, give me a road map.

A: Okay okay, but indulge me on these final points.

  1. Do not use a conventional Frisbee, it will only frustrate you.  It’s like playing golf with a hockey stick.
  2. Do not assume that your days of hucking frisbee on a beach will serve you well.  The motion is completely different.  You will need humility and the ability to “unlearn” your Frisbee habits.
  3. Google “Discraft Golfing Techniques”
  4. Acquire a minimum of four discs to get started.
  5. Two distance drivers.  One that finishes to the left.  One that finishes to the right
  6. One mid-range approach disc that travels slower and is easier to keep straight
  7. A putter that withstands abuse when you miss a “gimmee” thus allowing your cheating friends undeserved bragging rights until next round.
  8. The Park Maintenance Shop has loaner discs that are a nice starting experience however their condition may only serve to frustrate you.
  9. You can buy disc golf bag or use a suitable substitute you may have around the house.

Q: So I buy these where?

A: Lifesport in Kensington has one of Calgary’s best selections of discs and bags.There are many reliable Internet suppliers. Google away.

Q: Is that all I need?

A: The final requirements are patience, forgiveness for initial ineptitude, and good friends, ideally neighbours who keep you competitively challenged but let you win.

The disc golf community is very friendly and welcoming.  Don’t hesitate to approach or join other groups to assist you in learning the game.