Park96’s 18-hole Disc Golf Course is for the exclusive use of Park 96 Members and their guests as part of the recreational facilities available at the Park.

Parkland disc golfers are aware they are extremely fortunate people.  Just blocks from our homes is a first-class course that is free to play during the waking hours of any month of the year.  The cost to equip is less than a single round of conventional golf.  A round takes less than two hours. Players are frequently the only group on the course and free to enjoy this community jewel often without ever hearing the sound of another voice.  In the bustle of our busy city the Park96 disc golf course is truly a sanctuary.

How do I get started?

The Park96 office has course maps, score cards and occasionally discs for sale.  Loaner discs can be picked up from maintenance (if available).

The final requirements are patience, forgiveness for initial ineptitude, and good friends, ideally neighbours who keep you competitively challenged but let you win.  The disc golf community is very friendly and welcoming.  Don’t hesitate to approach or join other groups to assist you in learning the game.

Can I play the disc golf course if I’m NOT a Parkland resident?

Unfortunately not. Park 96 will occasionally host Calgary Disc Golf Association events that open up to the public, but otherwise the use is strictly limited to Parkland residents and their invited guests.