The Park 96 Pleasure Skating Ice Rink is for the use of Park 96 Members and their guests as part of the recreational facilities available at the Park. Individuals using the ice surface do so at their own risk. The skating areas, including paths, are not supervised and use of helmets is encouraged. Park 96, its management, staff and/or directors are not responsible for any loss, damages or injuries occurring while using any ice surface.

The ice surface is available for all users during posted Park Operating Hours during the winter season and as such, exclusive rentals or reservations of the ice surface is not permitted.

The following is specific to the Pleasure Ice Rink:

  • the ice surface must be clear of all users when the Zamboni is in operation on the rink
  • food and beverages are not allowed on the ice surface
  • no hockey sticks or hockey pucks are allowed on the Pleasure Skating Ice Rink
  • objectionable language and/or behaviour, activities or actions carried out in an unsafe manner are all grounds for removal from the ice surfaces and/or the Park