Parkland Community Centre / Park 96

Board Charter



Mission Statement


To maintain and continuously improve Park 96 as a first rate facility offering recreational opportunities, cultural enrichment and entertainment services for the enjoyment of Parkland residents.


Strategic Objectives


  • Implement effective planning and communication for ongoing Park facility maintenance and program improvements.
  • Continue to increase and enhance park utilization and volunteer participation rates.
  • Provide effective stewardship over financial resources and generate revenues where appropriate.


Board Effectiveness and Governance


Key Principles


  • Maintain accountability and effective communication to all the residents of Parkland.
  • Effectively utilize the capabilities of Board members.
  • Work as a team to achieve our common goals.
  • Provide effective stewardship of the physical asset of Park 96



Board Member Codes of Conduct


  • Maintain open, honest and respectful communications at all times.
  • Provide constructive criticism when required, critique ideas not people.
  • Attend meetings, be prepared to work, be accountable for results.
  • Respect the assigned responsibilities of other board members.
  • Once the Board has reached a consensus on an issue, all Board members are expected to adopt and promote that position, regardless of what their original position on the issue may have been.