Do the condo owners pay the same fee as single-family homeowners?

Yes, the annual fee is the same for all property owners in Parkland ($200.00 which includes GST).

How does a resident of Parkland become involved with Park 96?

There are many volunteer opportunities at Park 96 for the residents of Parkland, including the many social events and programs that go on. Contact the Park office via email to park96@telus.net to inquire about current opportunities.

If you would like to become more involved by becoming a member of the Board of Directors, contact the President of the Board directly at board@park96.com to see if a position is available, responsibilities of Board members, time commitments, etc.

Who manages Park 96 and its operations?

Park 96 is managed by an elected Board of Directors; there is provision for 15 Directors. Directors are elected by the members of Park 96 annually at the AGM, usually held in March. The Board of Directors’ mandate and responsiblities are contained in the Articles of Association (Bylaws).

Park 96 also employs a Park Manager, as well as maintenance staff to ensure the directives of the Board are being carried out in accordance with the Articles of Association.

When is the annual fee due?

Annual fees are due on January 1st of each year. Invoices are mailed to each property (or property owner) the 1st of January. Fees can be paid by personal cheque, debit, visa or MasterCard. Cheques can be sent to the Park office, if receipts are required, please indicate your desire to receive one as they are not sent out automatically. If you would like to use debit to pay your annual fee, that can be done in the Park office.  Interest begins March 1 of each year.

How much is the annual fee and what does it support?

The annual fee of $200.00 including GST is used to maintain operations, support social and recreational programs and finance park improvements.

Invoices are mailed to all residents the beginning of January for the upcoming year and interest begins March 1.

Can I reserve specific recreational areas of the Park?

Recreational areas of the Park are considered to be available to all Park 96 members and their guests during Park operating hours. There is no ability to reserve or take over any specific space (i.e. the hockey rink) to the exclusion of other Park 96 members. All spaces are to be shared and used in a family-friendly manner at all times.

Is Park 96 affiliated with the Parkland Community Association/Hall?

Park 96 (legal name: Parkland Community Centre) is a separate entity from the Parkland Community Association.

Park 96 is a private, gated facility owned by the property owners in Parkland who have paid all fees owing and are deemed to be “Members in Good Standing”; or the designate of such owner. Membership in Park 96 is through a mandatory annual fee of $200.00, part of which is a $96.00 encumbrance on each property in Parkland.

The Parkland Community Association is a volunteer organization that represents the municipal interests of the residents within Parkland. Annual membership is $30.00.

What is the maximum number of guests I can bring in?

Private functions and use by residents is limited to 100 people. A guest list may be required. We try to allow for only one such large group in the Park at a time in order to avoid over-crowding of the Park’s facilities and to allow for the best possible Park experience for you and your invited guests; and for the casual Park user.

What are the rules for bringing guests to Park 96?

Members are allowed to bring guests to the Park, members must remain on-site with their guests. Do not lend your access card out to non-members as you risk your membership being suspended.

If your group is more than 20 people, the Park 96 office must be advised. A list of non-residents may be required. This is to avoid over-crowding with large groups and over-booking of the Park’s facilities. There will be a minimal charge for groups over 30 people. Residents are to contact the Park office via email at park96@telus.net to inquire about making a “large booking rental”. 

How do I access the Park?

Each Parkland residence is allocated one security access card at no charge to gain entry to the Park. Homeowners are encouraged to leave their existing Park access card in their home should they be selling the property. If no card is in the home, then a card must be picked up from the Park 96 office; identification will be required to prove home ownership.

Additional cards may be purchased from the Park 96 office.

Please take care of your card – DO NOT LEND YOUR CARD to anyone, whether they are a Park 96 member or not. Cards are identified to Parkland addresses and specific homeowners and when scanned at the entry gate, this information is captured and retained by the Park 96 office. If your access card is found to be in the possession of someone else, the card will be confiscated.

Please try to scan your card each time you enter the Park, even if someone has held the door open for you. This will assist in tracking park usage. Thank you.

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