Calling all Parkland Residents! We need to collectively put our Christmas wishes together and hope for cold weather.  The optimal ice making temperatures are between -20 and -5 degrees as a daytime high.

Park96 is very excited to test out the crack patching on the leisure skating rink.  The Maintenance Staff has started putting a few buckets (this is the name we call the tank that is pulled behind the tractor) on the leisure skating rink and the hockey rink because we just too excited to get started.  The weather for the next few days looks terrible, high of 12 tomorrow!  Crazy!  Please stay off the ice rinks to ensure we have the smoothest ice possible once the temperature cooperates.

Park96 has all its fingers and toes crossed hoping to have ice for the Family Christmas Party on Saturday, December 16.

Watch the Park96 big sign, Facebook and this page for ice updates in real time!