Just moved to Parkland and wondering how to get into the Park?  Call or drop into the Park Office with proof of your new address and fill out a membership form then the homeowner is given a complementary access FOB.  Check out the Office hours on park96.com, press the door bell and Office Administrator, Jennifer Stone will let you in.  Or book an appointment at park96@telus.net during a time that works for you.

Your FOB gains you access to the best park in Alberta, most likely the world.  During the winter there is pick-up hockey, a no-sticks skating rink and romantic ice pathways lined with Christmas lights.  The Main Park building is an easy place to lace-up your skates or host a hot chocolate party. Your kids love to skate but you prefer to relax?  Then make a new friend while sitting around the fire at centre ice.

If you plan to bring between 10 to 40 people to the Park for an outdoor gathering, please notify the Park Office to avoid over booking.  This also ensures the Park is being used by current Park96 members and their invited guests.   Do not share your FOB with guests for this is a violation of member privileges.   Your FOB will be confiscated and member privileges suspended.

If you wish to bring more than 40 people to your gathering then once again contact the Park Office at park96@telus.net and pay a minimal per person fee.  Parkland Residents must stay on site at all times when bringing guests into the park.  Adhering to these few rules ensures our Park continues to be a beautiful spot for all to enjoy.