Park96 Rentals

Park96 has three rental options for Winter 2021/2022.  

The West Cookhouse has been outfitted with a fancy heater to keep us all toasty in the winter months.  It is $25 per hour plus GST and is booked by emailing with your Parkland address, phone number, plus the time frame you wish to rent.  It also includes a firepit that you are welcome to use but you are responsible for the wood, kindling and fire starter. The firepit is only available with a West Cookhouse rental.  The Cookhouse is following the AHS outdoor gathering max capacity of 20 people at the moment.  This number will evolve with the outdoor gathering restrictions set by AHS.

Basement & Main Floor
Indoor rentals require all guests to mask and stay 2 meters apart unless they are seated to eat and drink just like in a restaurant.  Bookings for the basement are filling up nicely so check to see if your dates are available.  The basement is $35 per hour plus GST for rentals taking place during Park hours.

The main floor is also available and is filling up with groups such as book clubs, drumming circles or causal social gatherings.  Park staff sanitize before and after each rental taking off some of the pressure of Covid-19 restrictions for the host.  The main floor is $20 per hour plus GST.

All rentals are reserved by emailing with your Parkland address, phone number, the number of people in your group, date and time you wish to rent.  There is a discount for groups that rent more than 6 times for a regular gathering.

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