Members and Access Cards

Park96 is available for the exclusive use of the homeowners of the community of Parkland who are paid up Members in good standing of Park96 and their invited guests.

Each household will be issued one Park96 access card that allows entry at the main gate to the Park. If additional cards are required, they may be purchased from the business office at a cost of $25.00. A MAXIMUM of 3 (three) cards are allowed per household. Please notify the business office if you have lost your card so it can be cancelled. A replacement card can be purchased through the business office at a fee of $25.00. If a card is damaged and no longer allows access, the damaged card must be returned to the office for a replacement; otherwise a charge will apply.

It is a breach of rules and regulations to lend a valid Park96 Access Card to another person, whether they are a Park96 member, non-member or non-resident. Doing so may result in the suspension of Park96 privileges for the cardholder and/or homeowner.

Membership cards remain the property of Park96. Management may require such cards to be returned if the owner of the card breaches the Rules & Regulations of Park 96.

Guest Access

Park96 Members are permitted a maximum of 10 guests per household per day. If a Member’s guests exceed 10, a request must be made to the Park96 Office to approve the number of guests and be aware of the planned activity. A list of guest names may be required to be submitted to the Park96 Office.

Homeowners or residents eligible for membership cannot be signed in as guests. Guests within Park96 must be accompanied by a Member at all times and it is a breach of Rules & Regulations to share a Park96 access card or give the access card to a non-member. Park96 Members must remain on-site when bringing guests into the Park or its facilities; no guest is permitted to be in the Park without a resident member.

Park96 assumes no liability for accidents or negative incidents to persons using Park96 facilities and amenities. Members and guests entering Park96 do so entirely at their own risk.

Park96 Members will assume full responsibility for any violation of Park96 Rules & Regulations by their guests and their actions while using any of the Park96 facilities and amenities.

General Park Usage

Only Park96 Members and their guests are permitted access to Park96. Entry to the Park is gained through the Member’s access card. Use of the Park is permitted during posted Operating Hours only (subject to season). Use of the Park Building is permitted during posted Operating Hours unless a rental agreement is in place that permits access outside of posted hours.

Access to all outdoor recreational facilities will be available to all members and their guests during Park Operating Hours. No recreational space will be reserved for exclusive use by any Member at any time.

No notification to the Park Office is required for casual use of the Park; no notification to the Park Office is required for groups of less than 10 people.

The Park Office must be notified for groups from 11 to a maximum of 100 people. Required information includes Member details, number of guests, what the event or function is, general area to be occupied; a guest list may be requested by the Park Office.

The Park does not allow for group activities in excess of 100 people. Requests for exceptions to this Rule must be presented to the Park Office and is subject to Board approval and conditions and may be subject to a facility fee.

Unsafe conduct, disrespectful behaviour and/or any abuse of staff members will not be tolerated. Disregard for this Rule is grounds for removal from Park96, its facilities and amenities. The Member’s access card will be deactivated for a period of time suitable to the offence, to be determined by Park Management.

Park96 is a smoke-free environment, both the building and its facilities and amenities. Smoking is permitted in the parking lot area only.

Garbage/trash/recyclables shall either be deposited in the appropriate receptacle or carried out of the Park for proper disposal.

Open fires are permitted only within the designated fire pit area, subject to season and availability of the fire pit.

No animals or pets of any kind are permitted within Park96, its facilities or amenities, with the exception of Service Dogs, which must be properly identified.

Parking Lot

Park 96/Parkland Community Centre (Calgary) Ltd. prohibits the use of any bicycle, skateboard, rollerblade or other wheeled device within the Park. These devices may be used to travel to the Park but should be secured to the bicycle rack at the entry gate upon arrival.

A maximum speed limit of 15 km/hr is to be observed by all vehicles in the parking lot.

Abuse Policy

At no time will abuse of either staff or volunteer Board Members be tolerated. Incidents of abuse will be reviewed by a committee established by the Board of Directors for that purpose.

Consequences of abuse to either staff or Board Members will be subject to the following:

1. For the FIRST OR MINOR OFFENCES – the abusive party will be sent a letter of warning and a written apology will be requested. If this is not complied with, a 30-day suspension of park privileges will be implemented.

2. For REPEAT OR MORE SERIOUS OFFENCES – the incident will result in immediate suspension of park privileges for no less than 60 days and a written apology to the victim. The abusive party may request, in writing, an appearance before the committee to defend their position. The final decision of the committee following such an appearance will be sent to the abusive party and will stand.


It is the policy of Parkland Community Centre / Park96 that a fee of $25.00 + GST will be charged for return checks marked “NSF” from the bank. It is also the policy of Park96 that the member’s account be flagged until the debt has been repaid. Remittance should be in the form of Debit, E-transfer, Money Order, Visa or MasterCard along with the NSF fee.