AHS has provided guidelines around outdoor activities with regards to Covid-19, which the Park has worked hard to implement while still providing the most use possible of the facilities.  The recent increase in cases has forced AHS to make a number of mandatory requirements that directly affect the use of Park facilities.  Park96 will continue to do our best to provide the highest level of access to the Park facilities while still adhering to these new restrictions, while keeping in mind the Park is only minimally staffed.

Please review the following information with your families to set up everyone for success when arriving at the Park.


  • All ice surfaces are open with a total capacity of 105 people.
  • Club house is closed for skate changing.  Benches are located outside of the club house and near the hockey rink.
  • Washrooms are accessible from the outside doors located facing the main gate. Only one person or one family is allowed in the washroom at a time.
  • AHS has mandated no hockey, shinny or ringette games allowed.
  • Sticks and pucks are now allowed on the hockey rink for play between one household.
  • Hockey rink has a capacity of 10 people.

AHS has stated no games of hockey or shinny can take place period.  This rule will be in place at the Park until AHS eases this restriction. AHS allows sticks and puck practice to occur within one household only.