Music starts at 2:00

July 9
Ruth Purves Smith
This is the real stuff folks!! This girl has been there. A masterful storyteller and weaver of musical journies, Ruth Purves Smith leads you into a world from the past all mixed up with today. The lines of time blur as she dances you through her wanderings. A true prairie gem.


July 16
Scotty Hills
We are lucky enough to have caught Scotty in the middle of a Canadian tour.  Scotty has graced our stage in the past but has been living on the Island for the past few years.  Scotty’s music can be described as a wonderful blend of soul and roots.


July 23
Magnolia Buckskin
Natasha Platt / Emily Triggs / Corry Ulan / Kathy Cook make up this foursome of wonderful ladies that bring a combination of grass roots, folk and pop to the stage. Amazing musicianship and outstanding harmonies make this foursome a “don’t miss” show this summer.


July 30
No Concert

August 6
Tom Phillips
WHAT, Tom Phillips.  Yes, that Tom Phillips.  30 years, 7 albums, 100’s of sold out shows. It doesn’t get any more real or authentic than this folks.


Aug 13
Jenny Allen

Aug 21
Tim Williams
When you have access to, not only one of the best guitar players in the world but a living encyclopedia of blues history,  it’s hard not to bring him back every year.
“Imagine, if you can, a front porch where Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Hula Hattie, Flaco Jimenez and Bob Marley meet often and discover just how much they have in common. Tim’s music would fit right in.”


August 28
Orit Shimoni
Just returning from a 30 show European tour, Orit will bring her outstandingly crafted songs to our stage.

“I am in love with words. They can contain love and they can change people. They can shape our understanding, and they can be our weapon, or our guard. They grant us with humour, and self-reflection. Words are what give breath meaning, and they are one of the only things we have that will survive past our corporeal demise. Our words and our voices. Let us use both with sincerity, wisdom, passion, and creativity, and by that I mean love.”