Park Hours: 9AM-9PM

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 9AM-3PM

Front Gate

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The Park96 front gate is controlled by Mircom Gate Monitoring System.  Each property in Parkland is welcome to one complimentry Access Fob with their property and any additional are $25 including GST.

Why is my Fob not Working?

  • They do occasionally die for no apparent reason.  Just bring your dead Fob to the Park96 Office and we will replace it for you.
  • Did you forget to pay your fees?  Access Fobs are turned off June 1 of each year for all properties that have unpaid annual fees.
  • Are you a new owner?  Did the previous owners leave you an access fob?  All old owner fobs are turned off to ensure we get all the contact information and a Member Registration Form signed.  Contact the Park96 Office to have the previous owners Fobs switched over and updated.