Park Hours: 9AM-9PM

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 9AM-3PM

Disc Golf League

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Disc Golf League registration opens on

Saturday, March 23 at 9am!

Are you a Parkland Resident keen to play disc golf? Then join your neighbours starting Tuesday, May 7 – September 10 starting at 7pm, in the Park96 Resident Disc Golf League.

What if I have never played Disc Golf before? There are experienced disc golfers volunteering to run the league and are excited to share their knowledge of the game. Park96 will also have discs for sale at a great price for anyone who would like to purchase them.

Can I sign up my non-resident friend? YES, each Parkland Resident is welcome to sponsor one non-member to play in the league.

How much does it cost? There is a $25 registration fee for residents and $30 fee for non-residents to go towards prizes for the league.

What if I can’t come every week? Your top 10 scores on the season will track your playoff ranking so no pressure to come every week.

Score Keeping? Park96 is going to use the Udisc App to track scores and to determine prizes. The App also has an excellent map of the Park96 course.

Save the Date!

Saturday, May 4 for the season warm up tournament.

Saturday, September 14 for the Season wrap up tournament.

More information will be released as it is planned.