Park Hours: 9AM-9PM

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 9AM-3PM


Rental Steps

  1. Please fill out this rental request form. By sending in this rental request, you agree to all the Policies and Procedures outlined below.
  2. Once the request is received, Park96 staff will review your request and if your date and time are available you will be sent an invoice with the confirmed details and cost of your request.
  3. The gate access code will be provided in the invoice that you can share with all your guests. It will start working 15 minutes before and end 15 minutes after your requested time.
  4. Rentals are only confirmed once full payment is received. Payment details are provided in the emailed invoice. Park96 accepts E-transfer, cheque, debit, Mastercard and Visa.
  5. Choose the rental location (all prices are plus GST)
  • Basement $35 per hour between 9am-9pm and $65 per hour after 9pm.
  • West Cookhouse $30 per hour between 9:30am-8:30pm.
  • East Cookhouse $20 per hour between 9:30am-8:30pm.
  • Staff Support $50 per hour. (needed if you wish to bring a bouncy castle to the Park or have the vehicle gate opened to unload for a basement rental)

By submitting this form and making payment for rental you are agreeing to the terms and rental policy described bellow.

Rental Policies

The Resident understands they are responsible for their guests and will be physically in the Park for the entire duration of the rental. 

Liquor License: I understand I am responsible for purchasing an AGLC Liquor License if I am providing ALL the liquor for my event. If your guests are bringing their own liquor, no license is necessary. To purchase your online private not for resale Liquor License, go to

Cleaning: I understand I am responsible for cleaning and leaving my rental area as we found it. All garbage needs to be placed in the 4 stream receptacles.  There is a $50 per hour charge if staff must take care of neglected cleaning.

Smoke Free: Park96 is a smoke-free facility and the resident must ensure all guests comply.

Main Gate Access Code: Resident can provide the access code to all guests and will not prop open the human gate.

Decorating: Resident will NOT use tape, sparkles, pinatas or tacks when decorating.  Adhesive Putty or painters’ tape is acceptable.

West Cookhouse Fire Pit: I understand I am responsible for supplying all kindling, fire starter and wood for the fire pit that is included in a West Cookhouse rental ONLY.  I understand I am responsible for ensuring the fire pit is used responsibly by filling the supplied water bucket. I will ensure the fire is completely out before leaving.

I have read and understood the Parkland Community Centre’s rental policies and procedures.  I am aware as a facility renter at Parkland Community Centre, I accept sole risk for my guests and myself.  Parkland Community Centre is not liable for any loss, damage, injury, or ambulance service resulting from or in connection with such participation.  I have read the details in this facility rental agreement and agree to the above conditions, and I am aware that additional charges may be incurred should I break the terms of this agreement.

A booking is not confirmed until full payment is received for your rental.